Lund University's Research Quality Evaluation Project 2020

Two stepping stones for the RQ20 project!

We just passed two major stepping stones for the RQ20-project. One, with all 161 self-assessments submitted (just let that sink in for a moment) the base data (you know, the panel overviews, self-assessments and corresponding publication lists/bibliometrics) was distributed in time to all subject panelists.

To make access to the documents as easy and efficient as possible, we chose to launch a separate website where all self-assessments are safely stored and organised behind a password-based authentication system that was created by our web-developer at LU-konferens. These can therefore only be accessed by the subject panelists. 

Secondly, the travel booking website is now open for business which means that the process for organising and booking all journeys to Lund has taken off. This task has been outsourced to Egencia, who will help us keep track of each individual itinerary. 

With both of these deadlines relocated to the RQ20 rearview mirror we can look forward towards the next big undertaking, which is to plan for the five transversal panels that will visit Lund (separately) for two days, starting April 20.

Click here to view dates for which the transversal panels will visit Lund

Our priority is 1) setting the agenda, 2) accumulating relevant background material, 3) acquiring relevant participants from LU and in some cases beyond, and last but not least, 4) extracting relevant information from the self-assessments. 

Our impressions from the brief experience we have thus far of planning for the transversal site visits, is that we can expect a creative and fun process ahead!

/The RQ20-team


February 12, 2020

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