Lund University's Research Quality Evaluation Project 2020

Q & A

What is the aim of RQ20?

RQ20 is tasked with providing a picture of how competitive the research of Lund University is in an international context. Above all, the evaluation is to look to the future by identifying strengths, weaknesses and development potential in all of the University´s different research environments and to produce advisory documentation for the future.

RQ20 is to benefit the reviewed activities: it should be possible for the evaluated environments to use the self-evaluation immediately for planning, operational descriptions and as documentation for funding applications.

How is the evaluation done?

The evaluation is based on connected research environments (Units of Assessment). These are definied as subjects, in some cases as departments or divisions, and in others as larger research groups or research themes.

35 large units – panels – will be defined, each containing 4-8 research environments with external advisors linked to each panel.

In addition to the 35 panels we identify five special panels that are tasked with highlighting the following specific thematic areas:

1) Organisation and leadership

2) Large and disciplinary research

3) Infrastructures

4) External engagement

5) Recruitment of researchers

The evalutation work is divided into three stages during the period 15 January 2019- 15 June 2020:

1) Planing phase

2) Self-evaluation

3) External evaluation

RQ20 Project plan