Lund University's Research Quality Evaluation Project 2020

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Lundakarnevalen 2014.


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For two years, the RQ20 project has engaged 162 internal unites, 4700+ members of staff, 37 external panels and about 220 advisors around the world in order to delve into, unbox and enhance the future of research quality at Lund University. All the hard work, leading up to this point, by everyone involved has now culminated in a final product; namely the RQ20 report, containing materials and information that pertain to the procedure and result of the project.

The report is divided into three parts that each deal with one aspect of the project. Part I entails the project group’s own statement and reflections about the procedure as well as general summaries of the advice obtained by the external panels, including a summary of the self-assessments from the UoAs. For those who are interested in a more comprehensive account, the two remaining parts contain the reports written by the external subject panels covering the preconditions for research activities (PART II), and by the transversal panels covering more overarching themes (PART III).

The RQ20 report will be presented at a webinar on the 26 March at 15.00-16.15, where the project group and other key persons will present and reflect upon what RQ20 has taught them about Lund University’s long-term capacity to develop and strengthen its position in the world. The webinar also marks the end of the RQ20 project group’s mandate period and the RQ20 report will thereafter be handed over to the University Management who, going forward, will govern its results.

We welcome everyone who wants to join us in this event!




WHEN: FRIDAY 26 MARCH, 15.00 – 16.15


15.00 Welcome

RQ20 Project Group: Freddy Ståhlberg, Mats Benner, Malin Bredenberg

15.02 Why RQ20?

Vice-chancellor Emeritus Torbjörn von Schantz

15.10 ABOUT – The RQ20 project

Project leader Freddy Ståhlberg

15.15 ABOUT – The RQ20 report

Project Coordinator Malin Bredenberg

15.20 ABOUT – The RQ20 results

Project Leader Mats Benner

15.30 What did RQ20 tell us?

Representatives for the RQ20 reference group:

Prof. Anna Meeuwisse, Faculty of Social Sciences

Prof. Per Persson, Faculty of Science

15.40 What did RQ20 give us?

Representatives for the Unit of Assessment (UoA) community at LU:

Prof. Angela Cenci Nilsson, Faculty of Medicine

Prof. Thomas Kaiserfeld, Joint Faculties of Humanities and Theology

15.50 Beyond RQ20

Vice-Chancellor Erik Renström

Pro Vice-Chancellor Per Mickwitz

16.10 Closing remarks

RQ20 Project Group

March 1, 2021

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