Lund University's Research Quality Evaluation Project 2020

Notes from the RQ20 September kick-off!

Two weeks ago, we organised a kick-off to inform the broader community at Lund University about the RQ20 project. Our ambition was to provide as many answers as possible to the why-what-when-questions about RQ20.

It was quite a success story. With roughly a hundred people in the audience the event was opened by vice-chancellor Torbjörn von Schantz who shared his reflections about RQ20.

“I believe that the research environments and management at the department, faculty and university levels will benefit greatly from RQ20 – both from the self-evaluation process and the recommendations for continued development that emerge”

And with much of the work surrounding the self-evaluations still ahead, the vice-chancellor also helped pinpoint a key aspiration for the project.

“I hope the hours of reflection and writing that the self-evaluations entail for the research environments will become an opportunity for organisational development”

Where vice-chancellor Torbjörn left off, project leader Freddy Ståhlberg picked up, describing the project in detail. The background story, the different phases, the timeline, the organisation, well you name it.

Klick here to see the PowerPoint presentation from the kick-off

After the presentations, we opened up for discussions and questions. To us in the RQ20-team, this was perhaps the most valuable an illuminating part of the kick-off.


The questions were well informed and constructive, which only goes to show that there is a significant level of commitment within the faculties for the RQ20 project.

All in all, we want to thank everyone who showed up and made the RQ20 September kick-off such a rewarding and valuable exercise! 

// The RQ20-team






September 17, 2019

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