Lund University's Research Quality Evaluation Project 2020

New timeline: RQ20 follow-up phase!

As the pandemic lingers on, the RQ20 Office have been forced to rethink the previously planned follow-up sessions between the UoAs and external subject panels which were to take place physically in Lund this Autumn. 

The content of the follow-up phase remain largely the same, but instead of meeting physically the RQ20 administration will accommodate a written dialogue between the external subject panels and the UoAs.

We have therefore asked each UoA coordinator to create a bulleted list of maximum 5 items that they, based on the panel report, regard as important to the development of their UoA over the next years. These will thereafter be sent to the panelchairs who we invite to comment on the action points. 

In parallel, we will in short also initiate discussions with the University and Faculty Managements to create a forum for follow-up on those levels as well. 

/The RQ20-team 




September 24, 2020

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