Lund University's Research Quality Evaluation Project 2020

In light of Corona: new plan for RQ20

Following the halt in our planning caused by the unprecedented circumstances of the Corona outbreak, the RQ20 project has recouped and is now back on track (albeit a somewhat different track). With support from the University Management and the Reference Group, the RQ20-team has decided on an alternative timeline for the project.

In terms of the Subject Panels, the panel week in May has been converted into a virtual panel week. What this means is that the internal panel work and the interviews with representatives from the faculty and research units – that should have taken place physically— will now take place via e-meetings (A+B).

To mitigate the rather abrupt change in context and substance, following the new meeting format, we offer the panels an opportunity to pose follow-up questions (C) together with an extended deadline for the final report (D). This will help ensure both legitimacy and meaning to the feedback provided by the Subject Panels.

 After the submission of the final report, the work of the subject panels will continue into the “follow-up” phase, creating a more (we think) dynamic, resilient and sustainable method for gauging and enhancing the research activities at Lund University.

During the autumn, one representative from each Subject Panel (typically the chair) will visit Lund to discuss the outcome of the evaluation with the main stakeholders – the research units and faculty representatives (E). Ultimately, this will found the base for a set of tangible action points for the future (F).

By employing this alternative method of marinating the RQ20 results, we aspire to make them an integral part in the evaluation work of the research units and faculties, as an embedded mechanism for developing the overall research quality at the University.

As for the Transversal Panels, these function under slightly different terms than the Subject Panels, making remote efforts more complex. This is why we have opted to simply postpone the site visit, maintaining the initial format and program in as much it is possible, until autumn with a slightly deferred deadline.   

With this new plan in place, we hope to fulfil our initial aim to submit the final report before the new University Management take office in 2021, whilst simultaneously minimising the repercussions to the quality of the RQ20 evaluation result.

From us to you, we wish you all a happy and healthy Easter!

/Malin, Freddy and Mats

April 8, 2020

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