Lund University's Research Quality Evaluation Project 2020

Greetings from the RQ20 headquarter during the digital panel week!

The week we have been waiting for is here. Namely, the panel week when all 32 external panels (193 advisors) meet and talk to the people behind the self-assessments, i.e. representatives from the 161 research environments (UoAs).

Needless to say the format of this week turned out a little different than initially planned due to the Covid-19 outbreak. Originally, all panels were expected to meet with the UoAs in Lund, but of course, with the repercussions following the outbreak, this was no longer an option. Instead, the 32 two panels meet selected UoA representatives online via pre-organised meeting rooms that are managed and supported by a team of designated technician.

Having little time to redirect our expectations to the new circumstances, it is obvious that the combination of excellent technical support, flexible and accommodating minds, together with the arrangement of structured programmes have ameliorated a potentially overwhelming situation, logistically.

The RQ20-team have been present at the panel week HQ, situated at the Department of Sociology, since Tuesday to overview the process, and we are happy to report that the meetings are proceeding nicely, with no mentionable errors.

Behind this operation, there is a support team, comprising event managers, faculty coordinators and IT technicians who we wish to endorse and to whom we owe great thanks for enabling this well-executed operation.

In addition, with about one day left of panel meetings and interviews, we could not be more grateful to the UoA-representatives, faculty leaders and panellists for their engaged efforts. Next stage in the new RQ20 timeline is a Q&A session, beginning 15 of May, where Subject Panels are offered an opportunity to pose follow-up questions in writing to the UoAs. More information about this will follow shortly!

/Malin, Mats and Freddy

May 7, 2020

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