Lund University's Research Quality Evaluation Project 2020

All transversal panel meetings conducted!

As of last week, the final transversal panel (Management & Leadership) concluded its last session, which featured Lund University vice-chancellor elect, Erik Renström.

Despite the shift in format, going from physical to digital meetings, we leave this experience all the wiser and with a similar feeling as in May – they have proven both inspiring and illuminating, with many interesting discussions and sharp comments that ultimately aim to unpack the million dollar question: how can we do better? Better in terms of impact, rejuvenation, research methodology, interdisciplinarity, strategic guidance and goal attainment at different levels to mention a few of the topics that have been touched upon during the transversal meetings.  

Project Leader Mats Benner moderates session on External Engagement at MNO-huset in Lund.

The work of the transversal panels depend on an apprehension of the theme at hand, be it infrastructure or recruitment, from a national (Swedish) or even regional (Lund) context. This was one of our greatest challenges prior to the meetings; namely, providing enough context to make the advice useful from a Lund perspective without the physical possibility to show the panellists our multifaceted university. Consequently, both the panellists and the participants had to work harder to prepare for the meetings in order to make the most out of their time together. Certain information that would have been freely granted by merely visiting the premises had to be reconstructed artificially via second-hand sources.

It is our interpretation, nevertheless, that what we lost in terms contextual settings, we gained in terms of ambition towards raising the standard of content in the meetings by all involved. The panels were, as far as we can see, satisfied with the information received beforehand as well as with the technical organisation (to which we, once more, owe LU Conference our gratitude for their professional and skilled technicians), and all participants from LU whom candidly partook in discussions.

Now we eagerly await the transversal panel reports, which presently are in the process of being either written (External Engagement; Management and Leadership), fact checked (Infrastructure; LIRA) or stored for final publication (Recruitment). Once a report is finalised, it is distributed to the University Management, the Faculty Leadership and the RQ20 Reference Group as a standalone document and can be retrieved either via one of the abovementioned channels, or via the RQ20 Administration. Overall, we expect to have the reports finalised before the Christmas holidays.

Project Coordinator Malin Bredenberg moderates session on Infrastructure and technician Daniel Göransson manages the IT at MNO-huset in Lund.

In parallel to the transversal panel meetings, the RQ20 administration have initiated the follow-up phase with the Subject Panels and the Units of Assessments. As mentioned in previous posts, we have offered the UoAs a possibility to develop action-points, based on the advice provided in the reports. These bullet-lists have been distributed to the Panel Chairs, and our ambition is to finalise also the follow-up phase in late December.

Lastly, we wish to thank all who have been involved in making the transversal panel meetings such a positive event. We acknowledge all the time and hard work that has been put into this by the participants from Lund, and hope that it in the end will prove useful to our University on many levels, in order to sustain and strengthen its place in the world.

 /Malin, Freddy and Mats

November 12, 2020

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