Lund University's Research Quality Evaluation Project 2020

About RQ20

RQ20, the new major research quality evaluation at Lund University, is based on self-evaluations and will involve around 5 000 members of staff. In contrast to the last time, in 2008, there is no extra money for the fields of research that come out best, but the evaluation will provide considerable assistance for self-help.

These self-initiated self-evaluations are conducted at many major higher education institutions worldwide and have a great influence on funding applications and internally for the development potential of research environments. Demands from both the wider world and within organisations are constantly increasing.

It is now eleven years since the first major RQ08 evaluation was conducted. It provided important information and showed that LU had several strong and leading research environments. The new evaluation is to take things one step further. This time there is also an examination of relations to education and external engagement as well as the situation regarding infrastructure, interdisciplinary approach and management structure with goals and plans. Self-evaluations are also a way to safeguard collegiality.