Lund University's Research Quality Evaluation Project 2020

50% of the subject panel reports submitted!

Once more, the RQ20-team is back in business after a well spent, but perhaps more local holiday than usual. We are excited to pick up where we left off in terms of planning ahead and as mentioned in the previous post, two main tasks lay before us as we enter the autumn semester; namely, 1) writing and putting together the final RQ20 report, and 2) organising the Transversal Panel Meetings, starting in September.

Several external subject panel reports, which constitute the key part of the final RQ20 report, have been submitted during the summer; we have now received first drafts of 16 subject panel reports (i.e. exactly 50% of the total expected amount, namely 32 reports), of which 8 have been resubmitted in its final form, meaning that they have been fact checked by the UoAs and edited accordingly. 

The entire RQ20-team will contribute to writing and editing the RQ20 report (incl. the Reference Group and University Management), though Prof. Mats Benner, one of the RQ20 project leaders and our very own expert in the field of research evaluations, have willingly agreed to take on the task of synthesising the external subject panel reports in writing, with the self-evaluation acting as starting point. Apart from the primary sources themselves, i.e. the external subject panel reports, this theme-based synthesis marks one of the project team’s more instructive and comprehensive contribution to the content of the final RQ20 report.

The next task, planning for the transversal panel meetings, is a more complex nut to crack as it involves external factors beyond our control, read Corona repercussions. Our primary mission within the coming weeks is therefore quite basic, namely to decide if the meetings (all or some) will take place IRL or digitally. 

We will, as always, keep you in the RQ20 loop during this autumn, as our magnificent University Library Building dresses up in more vibrant colours.

/The project team 

August 10, 2020

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